Monday, September 26, 2005

Wednesday, 9-28

hi everyone,

Hope we're on for Wednesday at the Gate...I got Loop d Loop by Teva Durham from the library and will bring it to amuse and amaze.


Blogger dirtgirl said...

I think we're ready to switch over to Ozzie's this week (at 5th Ave & Garfield Pl). The thinking was that the days are getting too short to have any light outdoors.

at least that is what's been discussed on the mailing list today. It's only two blocks away so we can always send a search party to look for strays :)


Wednesday, September 28, 2005  
Blogger ~jay said...

Yeah. There is a chance that there will be weeks where I go drink first and then come back for coffee. I'm getting too accustomed to my beer on Wednesday!


Thursday, September 29, 2005  

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